Ron Moss

Over the course of his life Ron Moss has created a significant photographic archive that captures many of his life’s passions. Ron has very kindly shared some of his personal collection with us to use as part of the project, and we are delighted to showcase a small selection of his archive here. 

Ron’s daughter Cheryl writes:

Ron has always been both a keen photographer and interested in local history both of which led onto his hobby of recording the fascinating history of his area – Old Hill and Cradley Heath.
In the 1970’s he attended Black Country Society meetings and began recording Black Country history realising that his main interest was in the ancient trade of making chain by hand.  This led onto the restoration of Mushroom Green chainshop which opened on 1st Feb 1977 and Ron was appointed the supervisor of the Chainshop.  For 29 years Ron organised monthly demonstrations of hand made chain by local chainmakers Mick Bradney and Clarrie Johnson with Ron providing a fascinating commentary of the chainmaking process and other interesting facts about chain.  As part of this Ron worked with Chainmakers from across the area. The chainshop – an outpost of the Black Country Museum – attracted visitors from all over the world as well as providing school children with “real life” history lessons when school parties visited the site.
In February 1978 Ron became the Chairman of the Black Country Society Industrial Archaeology Group retiring in 2006 and was appointed President of the Black Country Society for 1996-7.
Ron quotes “photos are a marvellous way of recording both family and local history and have been very important for me to refer to when carrying out research”.

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