Month: May 2016

Gornal Event: 1st June 2016 – Invitation

We are now busy getting ready for our next celebration event: Gornal 1st June at the Library.
We will be presenting a new film by Joseph Potts and hosting performances of newly commissioned material by Emma Purshouse and Billy Spakemon, and more besides.. The details are on the invite, we really hope to see you there!

Gornal Invite

‘Where’s Our Spake Gone?’ Oldbury
This is the third of four films exploring the dialect of the Black Country using the voices and images of local people. This film is based up eight audio recording of people living in Oldbury combined with photos from family albums and the local archive collections of Ned Williams and Keith Hodgkins. Additional photography by Geoff Broadway and Kate Jackson.
Produced and edited by: Geoff Broadway
Recordings: Geoff Broadway and Juanita Williams